Why choose the Kent Narrows Boatel?

Convenient and Carefree!

Your boat is stored safe and sound, inside, year-round.  One click and your boat is waiting for you in the water, ready to go!

No Drama!

Whether it’s dealing with the typical crazy boat ramp experience or the anxiety of worrying about your boat sitting in the water, boatel storage is less stressful!

Weather Protection

Your boat is stored undercover, out of the water, protected from the elements. No rain, sun, bird droppings or dirt damaging your baby.

Storm Protection

No worries!  Your boat is safely stored in our hurricane rated building.


Your boat is stored in a locked and secured building out of the reach of thieves and vandals.

No Bottom Paint

Your boat is stored out of the water, out of the weather. No ugly, costly antifouling bottom paint required.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Boats stored out of the water, protected in a building, will last longer with minimal repairs needed.

No Covers Needed

No costly covers that are a pain to put on and remove.

Higher Resale Value

Boats stored inside avoid costly deterioration from sun, water, and dirt. Indoor protection significantly increases a boats resale value.

Concierge Service

Call us and we will not only have your boat in the water but can also stock your boat with ice, drinks, snacks etc. from our general store.

Discount Gas

Year-round, quality, 89 Octane gas is available right next door. KNB customers receive a special discount on all fuel purchases.

Ease of Access

We are located on Kent Island, right off of Maryland Route 50, less than an hour’s drive from downtown Baltimore or Washington, DC. Plenty of parking on site with convenient designated drop off locations for both passengers and gear.

Ease of Docking

Our haul/launch area is in a protected basin, out of the current, out of the wind. Docking is easy with our multiple floating docks and helpful employees.

Convenient Hours

Open 7 days a week, 8:00 - 6:00, in season. Schedule ahead and we will have your boat in or out of the water within an hour.

Did we say convenient?

All the convenience of “one-stop shopping” for your boat. KNB is a full-service operation. Anything your boat needs can be done right on site.

Competitively Priced

When you add up all the costs of winter and summer storage, bottom painting, shrink-wrap, winterization and deterioration to your boat, you will find out that Boatel Storage is not only easier but less expensive!